Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Spicy Pork Burgers

Hot damn, this was one tasty burger! I mixed in a fair amount of chipotle powder (I never use measuring cups or spoons) with the pork burger and carefully formed a nice patty. Pan fried with a little butter with salt and pepper. From bottom to top: Cabbage, Chipotle Pork Burger, American Cheese, Avocado, White Onion and freshly grated Carrots. The pork was unbelievably tender and juicy with a hearty kick of chipotle and a smooth finish with the avocado. I wanted to put some feta cheese on this but I was out and all I had was American and Asagio.  I will most certainly be making these again trying out different cheese combinations. Sliders perhaps. 

Photo by Gustavno Rivera

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