Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Aybla Gyro - Portland, OR

Aybla Gyro's on SW Alder in Portland, Oregon in a weird food square consisting of a couple dozen trailers re-made into little kitchens. Peruvian, Thai, Chineese, Japanees, Russian, Greek, Mexican, German and brown bag american lunches make up this crazy little melting pot of food just one block up from the Culinary school. 

This beauty was make of spiced lamb, feta, tzatziki, tomato and chopped parsley in a fresh grilled pita. One of the best gyros I've ever had outside of Europe.

Loyal customers admire my child as we wait for our food. I was thinking of going to the Peruivian trailer, but he sold me on the gyro and it was worth it.

Four months old and she is getting interesed in our food. REALLY interested in everything we eat. My mom says she's going to have a very sophisicated palate. 

Their menu. I recomend the Super Lamb Gryo with extra Feta.

Photos by Gustavno Rivera, Canon G9, but, goddammit, I want a G10!!!!

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