Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Crabbing in Charelston, OR

Aimee's mom, Lisa, loads up the nets for what can only be a great day for crabbing.

Other crabbers refill their bait boxes.

Tons of cool sea life, like these little jellyfish (about 1 in long) and sea lions roam the docks for food.

We walked up to the corner store, Davey Jonses' Locker, for some lunch. Aimee had a slice of pizza (made in house) and some cheesey potato poppers. I had their Chili Dog Special.

The Chili Dog Special. Hot Dog on a bun with chili, onions and cheese, served with a side of onion rings. Surprisingly decent.

Our crabbing efforts resulted in zero crabs. (We missed high tide by around four hours) Thank God for the fishermen. We bought some crab and had it cleaned for crab cakes.

Store sign. Super nice guys that work there. One of the fishermen designed their T-Shirts in Illustrator, and did a great job. Fisherman, Designer and Crab Cleaner. What a man.

Photos by Gustavno Rivera

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