Wednesday, September 17, 2008


My wife stays at home with our newborn baby all day and does one hell of a job being a mom. So when she needs a little time for herself (girls night out, going to get a movie, dinner with her lady friends, whatever...) I don't mind. Tonight I came home after work and she wanted a cheeseburger with an avocado creme. Yeah, creme. So this is her creation via me, the "Greenbeard." (She likes naming her creations, plus, she's good at it)

Cracked Wheat Bread, Sautieed onions and cabbage, pork burger with pepperoncinis and horseradish cheddar, fresh tomato and avocado creme.

Avocado Creme: Half avodaco (for one sandwich) mashed with salt, pepper and a splash of whipping cream whisked together.

photos by Gustavno Rivera

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