Friday, September 19, 2008

Sandwiches You Will Like

"Sandwiches You Will Like" is a 2002 PBS documentary by Rick Sebak. I'm not sure if he narrates it, but whomever did sounds like Michael Moore's brother. The film features 23 different sandwiches from around the states, most I've heard of, some like the St. Paul from St. Louis, I've never heard of. It seems like a cross between a Foodnetwork show and a PBS show. Solid information, but sometimes quite superfluous. My favorite part was Thelma's Barbecue in Houston, Texas. Thelma is an ex-truck driver who now owns her own Barbecue joint and has a great sense of humor. She has a deep southern accent with a hint of a lisp. Her grand-daughter now helps her in the kitchen. A really nice little film for someone who loves food, especially sandwiches. They cover a lot of the obvious (Philly Cheese, etc.), I wish they spent a little more time finding some really hole-in-the-wall, locals only, crazy ass sandwich shops, but hey, they can save that for the sequel. (Does PBS make sequels? Oh, and I'm free to re-design that horrible cover....)

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