Monday, September 29, 2008

Luigi's - AKA City Grinders

City Grinders, aka Luigi's. My wife raved about this place for years before I got to taste the Luigi's Grinder. Normally, I would pass this place by. I don't really care for grinders and meat heavy sandwichs (Any NY deli), but Aimee talked and talked about it. An unassuming store front with a delightful interior. The owners, John and Jackie, are ex-LA restauratuer's who bought this place from it's previous owners and really stepped it up a notch.

This is their board. I recommend the Original or, my favorite, the Hawiian. Stay away from their Cheesesteak, it is less than satisfactory. (The only one of their sandwichs I don't like.) Extra onions really make the sandwich.

The dinning room.

"The Original." Ham, Turkey, Pepperoni, Pickles, Green Pepper, Onion, 2 Cheeses and a special oil sauce.

The "Hawiian," Close up. Ham, Turkey, Green Pepper, Pickle, Onion, 2 Cheeses and their special oil sauce. The way to eat a Luigi's grinder is to let the oil and juices of one half drip onto the other half. 

A wide shot of the "Hawiian."

Photos by Gustavno Rivera

City Grinders
2375 Antelope Rd.
White City, OR

10 AM - 7 PM

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