Monday, March 29, 2010

Shrimp 'N Slaw

Aimee whipped up this lovely creation: Spicy Chili and Honey Shrimp and Mango/Blueberry Coleslaw. This would be great in a tortilla or on a roll too.

Friday, March 26, 2010

MT Eats Calling Card (Look for yours today!)

Printed on an Oce 350 GT with White Ink and cut on a Gerber M Turbo in my new shop, Signs Now Helena.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Pioneer Aimee Cooks (Her Book)

Aimee continues her Pioneer Woman Cookbook kick with the Pioneer Woman's Chicken Pot Pie.

This was the most incredible Chicken Pot Pie I've ever had. Seriously, the most amazing damn Pot pie, ever.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Sushi Dinner

My dad was out of town so we took my Mom out to sushi at the Wok N' Roll. The Salmon Sashimi in the upper right side is Aimee and my favorite. Like a nice slice of avocado, it just melts in your mouth. I love sushi.

Their crab rolls, so so so delicious. With a citrus dipping sauce.

The Dragon Roll.

The Dragon Roll even closer. Sushi dinner is always so fun.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Pat's at Coney Island

Two Green Chili dogs from Coney Island. Wow, the green chili had quite a kick. Spicy and Filling!


I love meatloaf. Aimee hates meatloaf. I don't get meatloaf much. Tonight Aimee made The Pioneer Woman's Bacon wrapped meatloaf with mashed potatoes and sage gravy. It was incredible, Aimee even enjoyed it. I love meatloaf!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Pizza Pi

It was make your own pizza pi for Sunday, March 14th, Pi Day at my parents house.

Aimee brought some Chicken spaghetti from the Pioneer Woman's Cookbook that was incredible. I stuffed myself with this before the pizza was even made. She added a little jalapeno and tomato to the recipe and spiced it up quite a bit. I would highly recommend making this dish.

Ophelia examines her father's habit of pointing a camera at everything.

Aimee made Ophelia some cute and tasty little veggie pinwheel sandwiches that kind of looked like sushi.

The starting line.

My half: Sun dried tomato sauce, a bit of Cattleman's Gold BBQ sauce, red and yellow peppers, grilled onion, Canadian bacon, mexican 4 cheese blend, feta cheese, pineapple and diced jalapenos.

The final product. My have and Aimee's cheese covered pizza with veggies, burger, Canadian bacon, and of course, a ton of cheese.

An old cookbook that belonged to my Grandmother. Almost every recipe calls for some form of canned soup.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Font Boxing

When I'm not making and photographing food, I design and make cool signs and such for money to pay for said foodstuffs. This is one I've been working on for a while, and I'm quite pleased on how it turned out. Enjoy.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Super Cheesey Chili Sloppy Joe

A cheese mix of Velveeta, chili, blue cheese, Sriracha sauce, garlic pepper and chipotle peppers for the cheese sauce.
Tomato paste, Pickapepper sauce, Sriracha sauce, cummin, curry powder, diced onion, Pauline's BBQ sauce, a few splashes of Cholula sauce and a pound of fresh Montana beef for the Sloppy Joe mix. To be honest, it was a bit much on the old belly.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Aimee's Flatbread Pizza

I came home from work to find Aimee making Flatbread pizza with some Naan bread, red and white sauce, sliced veggies and some thin cut sausage. I'm not a huge pizza fan, but I love homemade flatbread pizza!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Gas Station Cheeseburger

I love burgers. Cheeseburger, hamburger, turkeyburger, veggieburger, if it says "burger" I'm in. I like a Big Mac now and then, and if I'm ever near an In-N-Out, good luck trying to eat anywhere else. But every now and then I stumble upon a burger I know has no redeeming qualities, but it still piques my interest. The Holiday Gas station burger (2 for $2, but I went with 1 for $1.39). After a quick 60 seconds in the microwave, the beast was ready. The first impression was the sponge bun. Expected. The meat was, fast food like. Better than expected.

ABOMINATION! Too even sully things more, I added some Easy Cheese Cheddar and Bacon to a couple bites. Didn't help. Lesson learned? Don't eat gas station burgers. And don't eat your own children. (They might be better, tender meat and all...)

Post Script: I don't think this burger even deserved me whipping out the strobes and PWs...

Sunday Cookout Roundup!

This weekend we made one of my favorite salads, the Ham Salad. Chopped ham with celery, red onion, parsely, mayo, Sriracha sauce, stone ground mustard, garlic pepper, curry, cummin, pepper and a hint of all-spice. Amazing on crackers, bread, or as a lettuce wrap.

Next up is Truzzolino's Hot-N-Spicy Chicken Tamale made in beautiful Butte, Montana. Yes, that is an Italian name, but if you've ever been to Butte, Italians making Tamales is not an odd thing. I've never been a big fan of Tamales, just too starchy, but since it is from Butte, I gave it a shot.

After boiling for an hour and unwrapping, this was the mess that unfolded. Served with some fresh cut avocado, this wasn't too damn bad. For a couple bucks, I'd eat one again. (I've got a Green Chili one in the freezer, as well)

And finally, my new favorite sauce, Pickapeppa Sauce, from Jamaica. It smells and tastes like a super revved up A-1 sauce.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Saturday Fun Time Cooking Experience!

Per Aimee's request, I made Bacon wrapped Pineapple. Just a half slice of Bacon dredged through brown sugar and wrapped around a cube of pineapple and baked at 375 until the bacon is crisp.

Second we have Montana's very own "Nutburger." Originating from Matt's Place in beautiful Butte, Montana. I didn't feel like driving an hour to Butte, so I made my own. Crushed peanuts mixed with mayo atop a hamburger. Simple, crunchy and delicious. I wish I had made some fries.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

David (DDD) C. Duensing: Remembered

On March 3, 2010, David Duensing, my good friend passed away in Missoula, Montana. Dave was a candy man, a great man, full of life and willing to let anyone inside the inner workings of The Parrot, sharing the joy and wonder of candy making. As a kid I'd grab a handful of comics from our local comic book shop and head down to The Parrot for a Phosphate, Milkshake, Sundae or Chili and veg out with my comics for hours. I saw Dave a couple weeks before he passed and he was still so full of life and vigor. Helena or my life won't be the same without him. With all the love and respect I have, I will miss you good sir.

See 'ya big guy.

David Duensing
You Will Be Remembered Fondly
March 30, 1953 - March 3, 2010
(You swing too hard)

Monday, March 1, 2010

Migas Sunday!

For the past three Sundays, Aimee and I have been making migas for breakfast. This week, Aimee made them.

Cooked up and served with some melon and avocado with a sauce of your choice.

Aimee's Sage Cracker Encrusted Pork

Pork Chops encrusted with sage crackers.

Aimee also made apple and cranberry stuffing. The two complemented each other so well.