Monday, March 8, 2010

Sunday Cookout Roundup!

This weekend we made one of my favorite salads, the Ham Salad. Chopped ham with celery, red onion, parsely, mayo, Sriracha sauce, stone ground mustard, garlic pepper, curry, cummin, pepper and a hint of all-spice. Amazing on crackers, bread, or as a lettuce wrap.

Next up is Truzzolino's Hot-N-Spicy Chicken Tamale made in beautiful Butte, Montana. Yes, that is an Italian name, but if you've ever been to Butte, Italians making Tamales is not an odd thing. I've never been a big fan of Tamales, just too starchy, but since it is from Butte, I gave it a shot.

After boiling for an hour and unwrapping, this was the mess that unfolded. Served with some fresh cut avocado, this wasn't too damn bad. For a couple bucks, I'd eat one again. (I've got a Green Chili one in the freezer, as well)

And finally, my new favorite sauce, Pickapeppa Sauce, from Jamaica. It smells and tastes like a super revved up A-1 sauce.

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