Monday, March 15, 2010

Pizza Pi

It was make your own pizza pi for Sunday, March 14th, Pi Day at my parents house.

Aimee brought some Chicken spaghetti from the Pioneer Woman's Cookbook that was incredible. I stuffed myself with this before the pizza was even made. She added a little jalapeno and tomato to the recipe and spiced it up quite a bit. I would highly recommend making this dish.

Ophelia examines her father's habit of pointing a camera at everything.

Aimee made Ophelia some cute and tasty little veggie pinwheel sandwiches that kind of looked like sushi.

The starting line.

My half: Sun dried tomato sauce, a bit of Cattleman's Gold BBQ sauce, red and yellow peppers, grilled onion, Canadian bacon, mexican 4 cheese blend, feta cheese, pineapple and diced jalapenos.

The final product. My have and Aimee's cheese covered pizza with veggies, burger, Canadian bacon, and of course, a ton of cheese.

An old cookbook that belonged to my Grandmother. Almost every recipe calls for some form of canned soup.

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