Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fresher than Fresh Crab Cakes - Coos Bay, OR

Our "catch," bought at the Fisherman's Wharf.

Aimee helps crack open one of our five large, fresh crabs.

The pile begins.

Scrappin out the meat.

The cakes cooking at 400 for about 20 minutes.

Ophelia seems to enjoy the company of crabs.

The cakes as the go in the oven.

I guess she likes seafood.

Mayo, Sour Cream, Butter, Salt and Pepper, Extra Hot Horseradish, Worcesterhires Sauce, Cracker Crumbs, Stone Ground Mustard and Lemon tossed together. Formed into about 1 inch patties. They seemed a little too wet for me, but Aimee said they were perfect.(!) Wish I could have put them under a broiler for about 5 minutes to really crisp the outside.

The finished crab cake served in a pool of butter and lemon with lemon pepper and a side of sliced lemons.

Photos by Gustavno Rivera

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