Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sushi Tonight?

photo by Gustavno Rivera

Wok N Roll Sushi Bar
(406) 449-4200
2058 Euclid Ave.

The best sushi in Helena, in fact, the best sushi I've had in a restaurant in Montana. Their salmon sashimi melts in your mouth and they have a delicious Plum Sake, sweet, but not too sweet. Crab Spring Rolls with warm cream cheese and a sweet chutney dipping sauce is my favorite of their appetizers, but their combination plates are a good place to start.


Josh said...

...just make sure the avocado is as fresh as the fish.

I agree that the Wok'n'Roll is Helena's chief sushi establishment, though I have found Genki's to have comparable prices and a nice atmosphere as well.

If the threat of mercury poisoning from raw fish doesn't scare you, sushi is a great dish both in consumption and price. With a guest I usually dine for under $20.00 USD (including gratuity).

Josh said...

PS-I think the "Eats" part of your logo would look cool in a neon tube light style. If you don't change it first, I'll play w/ it once I get photoshop installed.