Saturday, January 5, 2008

Hamburger Helena

Cheeseburgers. Possibly one the finest creations ever. Aston Martins, Johnny Walker Blue, filet mignon and perfect cheeseburgers. Yum. Here in Helena we have several good places to grab a great cheeseburger. Personally, a nice homemade cheeseburger can't be beat. But, if I do go out for a burger here's where I go:
1. Suds Hut (2701 N Montana Ave.)
2. Rialto Bar & Grill (52 N Last Chance Gulch)
3. York Bar (7500 York Road, technically not in Helena, but work the drive)
I've got some more places to check out, so we'll see who for 100% certain, has the best damn burger in Helena.

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