Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Cheap Eats Pt. 1 - Gold Bar

The Gold Bar
400 N. Last Chance Gulch

A small kitchen tucked inside a smokey bar where you have to be at least 21 to enter, thus eat, but if you're not 21 they do have an outdoor pickup window. Opening at 7 and closing at 2, this breakfast/lunch eatery is in the spirt of a cleaner greasy spoon. Breakfast and Lunch specials like Breakfast Bowls, Meat Cheese and Egg Biscuits, Biscuits and gravy, Shepherd's  Pie, Turkey Salad Sandwich, a decent cheeseburger and soups like Scotch Broth (2nd Fav), Shrimp and Crab bisque, chunky tomato, Bacon Bean & leek and my favorite The Blue Cheese Soup. Soups and specials change daily. Good bacon, decent burger, cheap prices and you can have a beer if you want!

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