Thursday, January 10, 2008

Best New BBQ!!!

139 Readers Alley
(406) 442-2595
Tues-Fri 11-8 &  Sat 10-2

Karmadillos new BBQ sandwich's defeats the reigning champ as Helena's best BBQ sandwich. Slow cooked Pork, Beef or Chicken topped with homemade BBQ sauce, cheese and a Arkansas style jicama coleslaw for a cool $5 sounds good to me. I love that they don't use frozen meat and almost every thing is homemade, slow cooked and full of flavor. In fact I'm going there on my way home to grab another one! The new lunch special is here to stay, so head up to Karmadillo's and grab a couple of these delicious BBQ sandwich's...
They also have a 5 lbs. burrito covered with chili sauce, stuffed with meat, cheese, rice, beans hot peppers, more hot sauce and other food stuffs. If you can eat it in a certain amount of time (I forget) you get it Free! Justin call's it the Whole Enchilada and it's $35, also available for parties and satanic church gatherings, 'cause this mother is hot! (Unless you pay for it, then you can have it how you want.)

photo by Gustavno Rivera

Update: I stopped back on my way home and grabbed a BBQ Beef. A bit more smokey and BBQ flavor. One doesn't top the other, just whatever you're in the mood for.

Update 2: Went back for lunch today and did a pork and beef side by side, and I think I like the beef just a liiiiiiiiittle better. Make sure you ask for some slaw on top!

UPDATE 3: They are now served on a custom made Whole Wheat Jalapeno Cheese Roll. Yums.


josh said...

I saw the word "pork" and instantly thought of the best pork sandwich I've had at a Helena establishment; Sara's Porkies. Nothing fancy, but their restaurant is clean and the food is fresh. Anyway, it's been a while since I've been to Karmidillos, and this looks like it might be good...

Montana Eats said...

Sara's Porkies is a fantastic place, but this is a new sandwich (two weeks or under, she's a newborn alien baby) and it it great!