Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Montana's BEST Steak

Sir Scott's Oasis
204 W. Main Street
Manhattan, MT 59741
(406) 284-6443

Sir Scott's or the Oasis or Sir Scott's Oasis, no matter which you call it, they still have the best damn steaks in Montana. I remember going to Bobcat games with my dad and we'd stop in Sir Scott's for a huge steak, jo jo's and maybe some salad. I remember the first time I ordered their finger steaks. I ordered a small (8 oz.), but what I got was a mountain of hand cut, hand breaded finger steaks. All their steak is aged and cut daily on the premises. Their portions would make a Texan cringe with fear! They also serve fresh seafood, but c'mon, STEAKS!!! 
 This is what Montana steaks are all about.
Worth the drive.

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Anonymous said...

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