Saturday, January 5, 2008

The In-N-Out

The In-N-Out Double Double with Onions from Santa Barbara, CA.
photo by Gustavno Rivera

In-N-Out. For those who have never been don't know, but for those of us who have, ahhhhhh..... Can a fast food burger really be that good? Never frozen meat, fresh, fresh veggies - thick cuts of crisp iceberg lettuce, fresh sponge-y bun and a delicious 1000 island like secret sauce. The fries are fried in 100% vegetable oil with nothing but other fries. Hell, they don't even have freezers, just a walk-in for cheese and veggies. They are always packed, but they are quite efficient. Their menu consists of Hamburgers, Cheeseburgers, the Double-Double (which is exactly what you'd think it is), fries, soda and milkshakes. They also have an extensive list of off menu items like Animal fries, fries with cheese, onion and special sauce slopped on top. If you are ever in California, Nevada or Arizona (and in the future possibly in Southern Utah) try to hunt one of these down and go for the #3 (a double double, fries and a drink).  For those of us who don't live near an In-N-Out I offer this recipe. Two very important things are to get the burger patty very, very, very thin and FRESH iceberg lettuce and FRESH tomato and FRESH onion. FRESH meat too, but that should be a given. Here's what you'll need:

Buns - Soft & Fresh
Fresh White Onion
Fresh Tomato
Fresh Iceberg Lettuce
Fresh Hamburger meat
American Cheese
Kraft 1000 Island Dressing

The How to:
Warm a pan to Med - Med/High
When the pan is warm put the buns on for a few minutes to brown, or just throw them in the toaster for a minute.
Toss FULL slices of onion on the pan and lightly give a little color to each side. Very lightly.
Make the burger patty VERY thin, like 1/8".  Grill first side on the pan for about 2.5 minutes. As soon as you flip the burger put on two slices AMERICAN cheese and cover pan. When the cheese is gooping off the burger in the pan place the burger on the bun. The order of veggies is as follows:
Bottom Bun
1000 Island
Thick cut Iceberg Lettuce
Slice of Tomato
Meat & Cheese
Top Bun

Make some homemade oven fries or make your own fries and you're almost set. Mix some ketchup and Chipotle Tabasco together for a nice, easy, smoky hot ketchup, then you're set.

My Final Version of the In-N-Out Copy Cat Dirty Thief Version, Not Bad.
photo by Gustavno Rivera

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