Tuesday, January 8, 2008

2007 Best of Helena Eats


Best Donuts - Donut Hole
Best Coffee - General Mercantile
Best Burger - Suds Hut/Rialto
Best Fries - Suds Hut/Rialto
Best Chili - Parrot
Best Milkshake/Malt - Parrot
Best Salsa - Thriftway (?!!)
Best Gyro - Planet Gyro's
Best Appetizers - Silver Star Steak House
Best Steak - Cafe Artemis' Filet Mignon
Best Brewery - Blackfoot Brewery
Best Fine Dining - Caretaker's Cabin 
Best Old School Mexican - Melaque
Best New School Mexican - Karmidillos
Best Chinese - Wong's
Best Italian - Lucca's
Best Thai - Toi's Thai
Best Sushi - Wok N' Roll
Best Bakery - Park Avenue
Best Pasties - Benny's
Best Porkies - Sara's Porkies
Best Special Sauce - No Sweat Cafe
Best Hotdog - Coney Island
Best Pizza - MacKenzie River Pizza
Best Fast Food - RB Drive-In
Best Candy - The Parrot
Best Grocery Store - Real Food Store
Best BBQ - Steffano's BBQ Beef
Best Sandwich Shop - Staggering Ox
Best Cheap Eats - The Gold Bar
Best Late Night Eats - Pita Pit
Best Soup - The Jailhouse
Best Dessert - I don't eat dessert
Best Burrito - Taco Del Sol
Best Breakfast - No Sweat Cafe
Best Lunch - Karmidillos & Rialto
Best Dinner - Karmidillos for chill environment
Caretaker's Cabin for an ultra romantic environment

Best Fine Dining Helena Restaurant of 2007: Caretaker's Cabin
Best Casual Dining Helena Restaurant of 2007: Karmadillo's

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