Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bruddah Joe's Hawaiian Plate Lunch: Medford, OR

It was a bit hard to find, burried underneath the Elks Lodge in downtown Medford.

It seemed more like an entrance to a seedy bar, rather than a Hawaiian joint.

Each dish came with a side of Hawaiian Macaroni Salad, a scoop of rice and a bed of rice underneath the meat.

My dish, Mo' Betta Pig, Thin cut pork loin slow marinated in Bruddah Joe's Ono sauce and char-grilled. This is my first experience with Hawaiian food and I was quite please. It's part Island and part Asian, all delicious!

Aimee picked up the Kalua Pig, Traditionally seasoned, slow roasted pig, shredded and served with cooked cabbage.

But this, the Manapua, was the most delicious and soft and warm mix of steamed bun and Chinese style BBQ pork. They take about 15 minutes to steam fresh, but it is worth every second. I will most certainly be going back to Bruddah Joe's before I leave for a few more of these handheld delight!

Bruddah Joe's
204 N. Central
Medford, OR 97501

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