Monday, November 23, 2009

AJ eats all the CB's in H-Town PT 1: RB Drive In

This is how often I come to RD Drive-In. I found this picture on Flickr at
That's me, my car and the space I prefer to order from, all from an Oregon photographer who happen to catch me on my RB run. UPDATE: Actually it's HIS car, but it looks just like mine AND he's in MY SPOT!


The grades for my Helena go-to burger stop. Part one in what seems to be a never ending saga.

BUN: Nothing special, store bought, but it works.

MEAT: Seems to be frozen, very thin fast food like patty with an excellent flavor.

TOPPINGS: Lettuce, Tomato, Pickle, Onion and RB Sauce (A fry sauce with choppped relish)

CONSTRUCTION: Depends whose working, but works well to keep off soggy bun.

FRIES: Standard pre-frozen fries.

OVERALL GRADE: B. Quick, delicious burgers that are a bit better than expected and they make a decent milkshake and phosphates. There's a reason this is my go-to burger.

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