Friday, April 11, 2008

Staggering Ox, What Happened?

The Staggering Ox used to have unique, delicious and homemade sandwich's. They've been featured in Maxim as the second best sandwich in America. The Ox even has their sandwich bread Trademarked. It's basically a hollowed out cylinder of bread. The insides they sell in bags with Ranch dressing or with a bit of meat and cheese, which are my personal favorite of theirs, one things that hasn't seemed to get worse. Maybe 5 or so years ago, but how the mighty have fallen. (At least in flavor and quality.) A couple years ago the Ox expanded to more then double in size and added a small bar (beer & wine), hosts music events and even has a Erotic Art Show every year. But in all of this growing and expansion they lost the love and quality of their food. The meat seems highly processed and the staff is mainly a bunch of high school kids that have no sense of people or customer service. A helpful and caring staff, better ingredients and not just riding on the good name you've built for yourself would be the beginning of  a return for a unique sandwich shop. The Ox is like the really smart kid in class who could always get an A but instead just goes for a C. Godspeed, Ox, godspeed.

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