Wednesday, April 2, 2008

No Kitchen!!!

My kitchen is getting torn apart today to get some new bamboo flooring put in and I won't have a stove for a couple weeks. This is my favorite lunch and now I can't have them for a bit. The cheap (About a $1 per patty) easy (15 minute cooking time) and delicious (it's meat). My mom used to make these for me and my dad, and I suppose it's a sort of comfort food for me. I present my mom's Pan Fried Cube Steak Sandwich!

I like to use quite a bit of butter and a bit of creole spices when frying. (on Med. flip only once)
For the spread I like to use good old fashioned mayo and it's gotta be Best Foods (also known as Kellman's on the East Coast.)

For the dipping sauce I go just the way I used to like them as a kid, Ketchup! Now I like to make mine Spicy Ketchup and there's no better hot sauce than Brother Bru Bru's. This stuff is really hot. Not too hot, but a nice robust flavor and a good heat. I use about 8-12 drops in a puddle of ketchup. I highly recommend this hot sauce. (Hey Bru Bru, send me some free shit!)

And here it is. The Cube Steak Sandwich. Nice and simple and really good!

Too bad I can't have one of these babys for a while.

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