Thursday, April 17, 2008

Big Al's Sandwich Shop's Egg & Cheeser

Big Al's was a Helena downtown eatery that served breakfast and lunch, named after Al Capone who used to come to Helena, Montana to get away from things. Originally it had murals and photos of famous crime bosses and such. The owner, Dennis, is a huge Greenbay Packers fan and said if they went to the Superbowl, he'd redecorate in a football theme. Well, the Packs went and Dennis changed the motif and Sandwich names. (Before they were gangster related names, now "The Heisman" and such. Each day of the week he had a special and it never changed week to week. Wednesday's special was a chili dog. But this was a foot long dog on a bun, on a plate, piled high with fresh chili and cheese. This thing was huge and fatty! Thursday's special was my favorite, a Chicken breast sandwich with bacon, cheese and lettuce. His breakfast sandwich that I most liked was the simple Egg & Cheeser. You can add bacon or ham, but I prefer the good old simple standard.
American Cheese (a must for this sandwich), Salt & Pepper, eggs and Mayo. Not Miracle Whip, Mayo. Best Food's or Kellman's.

I like my eggs organic! From B&B Market.

After cooking one side of the egg I flip it, apply slice of american cheese and cover until the cheese is gooey.

Mayo on one side, then cut. (I prefer the diagonal cut.)

And the end result is an orgy of dairy delight. Kids like 'em, great hung over food or great in the middle of the night. The Big Al's Egg & Cheeser.

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