Monday, July 28, 2008

Sir Scott's Oasis!!!

Located in Manhattan, Montana. Just outside of Amsterdam, Montana. They cut and age all of their own meat fresh from Manhattan, MT. We got there about five and by the time we left it was packed!!! The photos are a bit iffy because it was dark in there and I didn't want to be popping of flashes in the place. ISO 1600 baby.

First up, My dinner: 14 oz. Tenderloin steak with texas toast and homemade jojo's. First rate steak, I was full all night long.

Next up: My dad. He had a large (20 oz.) order of hand battered finger steaks. I stole a few of those too. These are what they are well know for and for good reason.

And my lovely wife had the lobster. Even though it wasn't fresh, it was quite delicious and went well with the steak and finger steaks. So if you find your sell in the Montana version of Manhattan (or close to it) check out Sir Scott's Oasis. Call for reservations.  204 W. Main St, Manhattan, MT  59741. (406) 284-6929

P.S. - The Ani DiFranco show was actually pretty cool. Great live performer even if you're not into her music. (Like me.)

photos by Gustavno Rivera

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