Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Chicago Style Hot Dog - Grando's - Itasca, IL

Last time I was in Chicago I left without trying a genuine Chicago style Hot Dog, so this time I wasn't leaving without one. After sitting on a plane all day, I was a bit hungry so I walked around by my hotel out in the middle of Nowhere Suburbs Chicago and found this little place in a strip mall. This fine gentleman (George) made me a Chicago dog. (Actually, a lady did, but she was a bit camera shy and darted for the back as soon as I whipped out my camera. I think she thought I was up to something...maybe I was...)


I want to go to there.


Hillary said...

Chicago hot dogs are awesome but have you tried our pizza? What was the name of this place?

Montana Eats said...

925 W. Irving Park
Itasca, IL