Monday, August 11, 2008

Jimmy Buffet Party

A work sponsored Jimmy Buffet party at Karmadillo's. Margaritas and beer for all!

That's right. PRIVATE PARTY.

Aimee was not pleased when I tried to eat some of her food.

Justin slathering up (or down) the ribs in Karmadillos' own BBQ sauce.

And it's not Karmadillo's without a BBQ beef sandwich with cheese and coleslaw!

My second plate: A couple ribs, baked beans and a fantastic Blue Cheese, Bacon Potato Salad.
And several beers.

Justin, owner and proprietor of Karmadillo's and our evenings grill cook. Awesome fella.

The Karmadillo's kitchen. Usually they have a few more people working. These kids were just cleaning up after our party.

And a quick shot I got on my way home with my little Cannon G9. I liked it.

photos by Gustavno Rivera

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