Saturday, September 5, 2009

Yesterday's Calf-A - Dell, Montana

Yesterday's Calf-A, a great little diner in the middle of nowhere, MT.

Aimee munching down on a fresh beef cheeseburger. Simple and delicious.

Yesterday's Calf-A is a renovated country schoolhouse and they even kept the chalkboard to write specials and what kind of fresh pies they have that day.

The counter.

The maple bar. Airy donut topped with home made maple frosting. If you thought you knew what a maple bar was like, you have no idea until you try one of these. Best. Donut. Ever. I'd drive hours just to try one of these.

And in case you're a lady, woman or girl, they have a restroom for you!


Kevin Casey said...

I've driven by there before, always wanted to visit. Now I have a donuty reason to.

Anonymous said...

On our way to Oregon we accidently stopped at "Yesterday's Calf-A." We hadn't really expected to find a place to eat in Dell, but there it was and we will never forget the great atmosphere and great food. Would recommend that people make a special side trip to enjoy "Yesterday's Calf-A."

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thebigmc said...

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JHD said...

Place has taken a serious turn for the worse. Roast beef was thin and dry, gravy was tasteless, mashed spuds sticky, rolls were stale and had to be microwaved to make them soft enough to eat. We also saw her do the same to pie. Waitress didn't bring the dinner salads until after our dinner and they came as dressing soup with some lettuce poking out. I used to stop here frequently in the late 90s and early 2000s between Missoula and Idaho Falls, and this place has really gone down hill.

Anonymous said...

I first came to the Calf A in 1988. I have some great memories ofthe place. I hope it never changes.